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One of the quintessential Jewish life cycle events is the Bar Mitzvah celebration when a boy assumes the religious responsibilities of a man.

Even if they concede that songs such as "Sweet Caroline", "Cherry Cherry" and "Solitary Man" are really rather good, they will point to the tight trousers, the abundant chest hair and, most emphatically, the shirts – the sequin and rhinestone-encrusted monstrosities that he wore in the 1970s and 1980s – and say that he is self-aggrandising and hokey, that he is the very opposite of cool.

I had half-a-dozen recordings made of my songs, but none of them really by any known groups, and none of them made the charts.

I was playing pretty much any place that would hire me – ski lodges, bowling alleys, high-school gyms." Diamond was also studying medicine at New York University, though he struggled to focus on his work.

The sheer concentration of hits, from "I'm a Believer" and "Red Red Wine" made famous by the Monkees and UB40 respectively, to "Girl, You'll Be a Woman, Soon" and "Monday, Monday", is astonishing when you consider the brief period over which they were written.

Diamond may have rarely been the critics' choice, but these songs are as embedded in our cultural consciousness as anything by Bob Dylan.

He has already been to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and is now doing a six-week stretch across Europe, culminating in 15 concerts in the UK. "Because I'm never happier than I am when I'm on stage.

Sure, life on the road can be hard going, but there's always a friendly face around somewhere, there's always a poker game to be had, or someone to take a walk with out of my hotel. I've been doing it a long time." Last month Diamond also released The Bang Years, an album of his songs covering the brief period between 19, when he was making the move from being a writer-for-hire on Tin Pan Alley to a performer in his own right.

But, up close, he looks nothing like the person he becomes when performing.